Vail Daily letter: Fresh perspective, open mind

My name is Patti Sills, and I’m running for a seat on the Eagle-Vail Metro District Board. I’m eager to bring a fresh perspective and open mind to the key issues facing our community. The most important element I can offer is honesty and a determination for broad community input and open processes.

We, as a community, expect our money to be spent prudently and carefully, and I don’t believe that’s always been the case. Even though we have a substantial budget in terms of taxes, user fees and member dues, we still have over $20 million in neglected deferred maintenance for amenities that we cherish. Had we not avoided last year’s 5A referendum, the $23 million additional debt, and related new projects and expenses, would have crippled our financial strength to address the needs to maintain our amenities.

Some say things will never change. Let 2016 be a time of change, a positive change. A change to support honesty and integrity. To act fiscally responsible. To support the laws and to be truthful with the residents and taxpayers. Let’s not just say we want change, but lead by example. For residents who haven’t been involved to become involved. For seasoned politicians to let go gracefully and honorably and support new people, with fresh perspective and ideas, who can bring a much-needed new energy to the community. I am not and will not be part of the old guard, who were well-known for unexplained decisions. If you want new, independent, accountable leadership, that is what I want, too.

It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Voting is the citizen’s power of the pen. Voting is your power to force change. Voting is your power to elect honest board members, who serve you. Voting gives you the power to fire the ones who make decisions you do not support.

I don’t purport to have all the answers to all the questions to all the issues Eagle-Vail faces. What I do know, is that your wants, your needs, opinions and ideas, and the answers to your questions, are more important than mine, and, if you elect me, I will do my best for you, with you, and for Eagle-Vail.

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Ballots were mailed on April 11 and are due Tuesday. Please use your power — vote.

Patti Sills

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