Vail Daily letter: Frustration at the P.O. |

Vail Daily letter: Frustration at the P.O.

I recently stood in line at the Edwards post office on a Saturday for over half an hour of the two hours it is open for business to try to mail a package .When I arrived the line was already out the door and there was just one attendant at the counter. The other person that I saw was just getting packages for people with pickup slips — those being minority in this case because the line just kept growing. In the time I was there, three people ahead of me gave up and left.

The thing that I noticed most was that most people don’t come into the P.O. ready to do business. Some pack their package at the counter; others don’t have their money or credit card ready; they don’t know the last four digits of the credit card; they don’t know if their package has hazardous, flammable or potentially dangerous materials; they don’t know if they want extra insurance, priority mail or first class, certified or registered mail; or lastly if they want stamps.

If you’re going to the P.O. to mail or ship something, get your act together and have whatever it is ready to post. We all hate waiting in line but to see someone come in totally unprepared get in line reach the counter and say, “I want to mail this,” is very irritating to those behind you. Sure, there is irregular mail and shipments overseas that take time to enter, but you can find out how and what forms you’re going to need before you attempt to do this. The Internet is a wonderful thing, not to mention asking if you are there the day before and intend to ship the next day.

That being said, not all the wasted time in the P.O. is the customers’ fault. Why the staff, if there were only two at the P.O., could not have had two stations opened for service instead of just one baffles me. If the other staff member was just getting packages and there weren’t that many people picking up packages all at the same time, why couldn’t they serve those in line waiting to mail something? They would disappear out the back leaving us all wondering, whaaat? This brings me to my next question. Why do people picking up packages not get to wait in line like the rest of us and enjoy the tick-tock of time passing on your weekend off.

I understand staffing might be tight, but efficiency of what labor there is should be managed better. There should be no excuse for spending 30 minutes in line at a P.O. Our community is only getting bigger, and the service we require needs to be improved. Unfortunately, it being a government department, I don’t think it will receive the funds it needs unless it’s absorbed into … let’s say the military.

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Tony Lamb

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