Vail Daily letter: Fundraiser Wednesday in Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Fundraiser Wednesday in Avon

Three weeks ago, the passing of Tony Seibert rocked the Vail Valley. A legacy and friend to all, gone too soon. Taken by Mother Nature, doing the very thing he loved so much. Tony’s passing brought back a lot of similar, visceral emotions I felt when another friend died almost four years ago. On May 7, 2010, Scott Reiter died on the Piedra River in a rafting accident. Scott’s knowledge and respect for the river made the accident more tragic. Scott was only 20 and literally bursting with potential. His smile and laugh were as contagious and warm as Tony’s and their free spirit, light-hearted, brighten-your-day attitudes mirrored each other’s. Scott and Tony were friends growing up in Edwards and Scott and Tony’s sister Anna Seibert were kindergarten crushes. It seems that once again, our small mountain community has suffered a heart-breaking loss.

Why does it seem like it’s always the good ones that go too soon? Their young lives cut short, leaving a gaping hole in the world where their good-hearted dispositions and inspiring ideas should have been. It doesn’t seem fair; it probably never will. However, take comfort in this: Scott and Tony lived every day with intention and passion. They lived with positivity and a desire to be better at that they did. Scott and Tony’s lives had a lot of parallels, and I’m so grateful and honored to have known both of them. Both of these tragic deaths remind us how short life is and the fragility that comes with it. But instead of letting this idea scare us, we can take it and run. If we never know when our last moment may be, why not live every moment with a blazing fire and grin on our face? Scott and Tony lived this way. That’s why in their final moments, I take comfort in knowing the sheer joy they were experiencing in doing what they knew and loved.

So let us celebrate those who lived their short lives with such depth and width. Their impact will last lifetimes and their smiles will stay with us forever. Please join us for Scott Jam III, a concert and fundraiser for a scholarship to send a Red Canyon High School graduate (like Scotty was) to higher education to follow their dreams and find the spark that lights them up. We owe it to our dear friends to carry on their legacy, laugh, and lives. Wednesday, Mystic Roots and special guest WAKANE will be playing at Montana’s Smokehouse in Avon 9 p.m. There is a $15 cover charge that gets you into the show and one raffle ticket to win one of many awesome prizes. Mystic Roots is a chart-topping California-based reggae band coming straight from their show at Belly Up Aspen to play for Scott’s friends and family. Please join us Wednesday to celebrate the lives of friends whose physical presence is gone, but spirits will live on forever.

Kelsey Foster


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