Vail Daily letter: Gambling tax dollars |

Vail Daily letter: Gambling tax dollars

On Oct. 7, the Vail Town Council voted 6-1 to move ahead with the Vail Golf Course Clubhouse expansion and renovation, and to approve a 56 percent cost increase for the project. In a meeting in which it appeared as if the outcome had already been decided, the council chose to ignore one very important point regarding their plans for this new community events center: The lawsuit filed against the town has not been settled, despite what council might have you believe. There is in fact an appeal yet to be heard, one with a very real possibility of being decided against the town of Vail.

As a group, we who are party to the suit against the town absolutely support the renovation and upgrade of the clubhouse. It desperately needs to be brought up to the standards which Vail needs and deserves. However, we continue to object to the town’s intended use as a community events center, which we believe is clearly in violation of the permanent covenants placed on it 40 years ago. We are concerned that the scope of the project has so changed that now up to 85 percent of the structural components of the building could be replaced, instead of only 15 percent as originally envisioned. We are worried that a significant amount of our community tax dollars will be wasted on a now $10.8 million project if the lawsuit appeal goes against the town.

By approving this $3.9 million budget increase, the council has signaled it is willing to gamble tax dollars on an uncertain future. We hope that the town staff will exercise restraint in spending that money until issues are finally resolved and we can all work together to reach a reasonable solution.

Sam and Lu Maslak

Deborah Webster

Glenn Hilliard

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