Vail Daily letter: Get a good Congress |

Vail Daily letter: Get a good Congress

What a joke, talking about the presidential forum (Wednesday night) on TV. Both candidates sat up there and said what they were going to do to fix the world. Being a vet of the Vietnam era, the only thing that interested me was when they were talking about vets and the vets’ benefits. What is a huge concern, being that I contracted Parkinson’s over the past 12 years, is that I am able to function for the rest of my life, and due to a procedure called DBS, I am able to do that — thanks to the VA. But since I had the surgery three years ago, I had four neurologists either quit or retire within this past year. So where does that leave me?

Back to the forum. As I said, what a joke. I would have rather watched reruns of “Leave It to Beaver.” How can two people sit up there and say this and say that when they know damn well they aren’t going to be able to do anything without the approval of Congress. They hold the purse strings and they can screw anybody they want. If it wasn’t for Congress, this mess would be over with — and would have been for years .

Simple — get a good Congress who cares about the people of this country and less about themselves; then maybe we could get somewhere .

Barry Simmers


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