Vail Daily letter: Get out the vote |

Vail Daily letter: Get out the vote

We are getting to crunch time, people. Like it or not, the presidential election is happening, and even If you think so or not, your one vote can and does make a difference. I have been seeing the political posts on Facebook and in our local papers and I was trying not to join in, but it is just too hard to not give my opinion as well.

I have heard and read some crazy things lately from creditable news sources and from some crackpot news sources as well. All of these articles are helping me make an informed decision as to who I am voting for. I think the key is making up your own mind and not letting other people’s opinions cloud your decision. There is a ton of information about the presidential candidates out there, some good and some is bad. Just remember it is up to you to read as much as you can and educate yourself, and not just ingest all of the information out there and spit it back to people ad nauseam. We live in a society where your right to have an opinion is guaranteed by the government. There are many places in this world where that is not so; in fact, just having an opinion could get you killed or jailed by the government. And, yes, as a caveat to that, you also have the right to be wrong — that is why it is an opinion.

So inform yourself as much as you can. Think about what you are reading and where it comes from. Take everything with a grain of salt. Try not to recite facts without pondering them for a second or two at least. And stop getting angry when another person has an opinion that is different than yours, that is ignorant thinking, and we could use way less of it in this country. These election processes in this country are the perfect time for frank and educated discussions about what you think is wrong and right.

And last but not least, when your opportunity comes around to vote in this election, take a stand for your side and yourself and vote. There is nothing worse than a wasted opportunity — that is where regrets are born. Not to mention the fact that if you don’t vote to state your opinion, you absolutely and unequivocally cannot complain about the government. Which is why my goal for this summer is to register as many voters as I can. I don’t care if people vote for the candidate I want — I just want everyone to vote and state their opinion. Let’s get out this summer and set Eagle County in the direction to get as many of our residents registered as possible. I am in the process of ordering registration materials and organizing a website or social media site. I do want this registration drive to be bipartisan; I want to educate about the candidates and let people choose.

Rick Bell


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