Vail Daily letter: Get rid of Gennett |

Vail Daily letter: Get rid of Gennett

The first best steps Avon can take to preserve our most precious and dwindling open green space is to remove Town Council member Matt Gennett from office. The audacity of suggesting we will sit by and watch our fragile open space be trampled upon by his so called “bootlegged bikers” reveals his very shallow and shortsighted thinking on this critical issue.

The next best step Avon residents can take to preserve our beautiful open spaces would to pass town ordinances prohibiting any rogue biking in these fragile areas. These ordinances should carry very stiff penalties for violators.

Just whose interests is Matt Gennett serving? The residents of our beautiful town or “bootlegged bikers” who would trample our open spaces just for spite?

Russell Rice


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