Vail Daily letter: Gets tougher every year |

Vail Daily letter: Gets tougher every year

Yesterday was a very sad day for me as I came into work and grabbed my copy of the Daily. My heart dropped and I got sick to my stomach, as the front page informed me that Beaver Creek was going to start charging for parking in the bottom lots this winter. I knew that this was coming at some point, but I thought that it would be at least a few more years before Vail Resorts decided to take away one of the best aspects of my home mountain.

The Beav’ is a special place. As a resident of Eagle-Vail, some of my fondest memories consist of mornings in which I wake up to fresh snow, throw on my gear, brew a quick French press, brush off my car and make the short drive down to Highway 6 to catch some powder turns before heading into work. This is a staple of life in the winter for most locals and is one of the main reasons that we live here. We all have our own routine on a powder day and parking in one of the free lots is part of it. We all make a lot of sacrifices to live here and it gets more expensive every year. This decision just adds fuel to the fire.

What it comes down to is that Vail Resorts doesn’t care about locals. That’s been known for a long time, but this decision only reinforces the fact. It’s just as one local who was quoted in the article says, “It’s a slap in the face,” and he’s absolutely right. It’s a slap in the face to those of us who make this town operate properly for the tourists that Vail Resorts truly cares about. If it weren’t for us there wouldn’t be any tourists to charge $10-$40 for parking and $175 for a lift pass.

So go ahead, Vail Resorts. Kill the Beav’ and make some more money. We locals will just have to adjust and figure it out like we do every year (hands over his debit card and heads to Stickline).

Elliot Hill


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