Vail Daily letter: Getting an early start |

Vail Daily letter: Getting an early start

The Week of the Young Child is April 27-May 1 and is a time to celebrate our youngest community members and their families while recognizing early childhood programs. It is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the world’s largest early childhood education association.

In Eagle County, the Week of the Young Child reminds us how opportunities for children’s growth and development are a shared responsibility. More than ever before, research strongly shows us the importance of investing in early childhood for lifelong positive outcomes. We can all do our part by supporting efforts to ensure every child experiences an early learning environment — at home, at child care, at school, and in the community — that nourishes healthy development.

Eagle County’s Early Head Start program is one program among many that works with our local community to promote early childhood and development. Currently, Early Head Start serves 82 children in Eagle County through a home visitation program as well as a center-based program where Early Head Start partners with the Family Learning Center and Basalt Campus Kids to provide child care to families. Early Head Start believes in a two generation approach where we work to support development of children by recognizing parents as their first teacher. Parents are supported through learning developmental milestones and how to effectively meet the needs of their children. The program is prevention based and voluntary, allowing parents to choose to engage in the program. And parents are choosing! Early Head Start is experiencing a growing wait list for both the center based and home visitor program. The Early Head Start team is excited about the community’s growing engagement and interest in early childhood efforts.

To learn more about Early Head Start or to apply for the program, please contact Michelle Dibois at 970-328-2601.

Jessica Waclawski, LCSW

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Early Head Start supervisor

Maggie Swonger

Early Head Start manager

Toni Rozanski, MSW

Director of Children and Family Services director

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