Vail Daily letter: Getting better |

Vail Daily letter: Getting better

Last month you printed my letter of complaint. It was aimed at companies that drive tourists in vans with trailers attached to the top of Vail Pass, then put them on bikes for the thrill of the ride back down. My beef was, some of them obviously weren’t giving adequate instructions to their clients about the “rules of the road” — riding on the right, pulling off the path when you stop, recognizing the right-of-way to uphill riders; they were putting those of us who climb the path before the exuberance of the descent in peril.

Now, though, I write a letter of compliment. Each time since the letter was printed that I’ve ridden up the path to Vail Pass, groups of tourists heading down on two wheels have been doing what they should: Riding in single file on the right side so they aren’t a hazard to those of us coming up, pulling themselves and their bikes completely off the path when they stop for photos, and generally following the rules of the road.

So thanks to the outfitters who either started giving their clients full instructions, or started giving them in a louder voice, or started giving them more than once. Whatever you’re doing, it’s working.

Greg Dobbs


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