Vail Daily letter: Go ahead, vote for Trump |

Vail Daily letter: Go ahead, vote for Trump

So you’re angry, as usual. You hate that terrorist-loving Obama (you know, king of the drones, the one who has killed more terrorists, including bin Laden, than any other president). You think the country has gone downhill and needs to be great again. I am so sorry you lost all your money and your life is terrible and it must be Obama’s fault and the terrorist invaded your home … oh, what? That did not happen to you? We did not go into a depression due to Bush? We stopped two active wars costing us trillions in our tax money and countless lives lost? That was a bad thing for you, huh? It seems to me that I remember we got out of the Middle East because this is what this president was elected to do. Gee, I am so sorry things are so bad for you. For me they are great and I am not on any public assistance, not an immigrant, and am an old white person who actually likes affordable health insurance. What is that? You are so angry that more people in our society have health care coverage? You want the big insurance companies to dictate your health. I see, I know it is terrible for you. You hate, I mean really hate, Hillary. Fox and Rush told you things that must be true that make you angry. Oh yeah, you are also so angry at those immigrants (unlike you who is a native born American with no immigrant history at all?). You are mad because you wanted that maid job and they took it, or was it the lawn cutting job you wanted? Oh, I am sorry, it was the agricultural field work you wanted? But you know you can work those jobs. The owners of those fields will let you work in them, so go for that goal, Skippy. I am so sorry they took that from you.

So now you want to get that reality star fascist with four bankruptcies, a “businessman” who has angered and insulted Mexico, Canada, France , England, veterans, women in general, immigrants (list is too long to put here) and even caused George Will to leave the Republican Party? Well, be proud, put on your brown shirt and goosestep right into that voting booth wearing your “I voted for Trump” button so we can all see who you are. Please wear that button for at least a week after voting so I, your town, your friends and all of sensible society know who you are.

Michael Drake

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