Vail Daily letter: Go back to primary |

Vail Daily letter: Go back to primary

Dear Colorado Republican Party: “I am mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore” is being shouted all over Colorado. We live in a democratic country where we elect representatives at all levels by one man, one vote. We live be a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that states, “we the people,” not “we the big party boss.” Trump is right in calling out the Colorado delegate selection as “rigged.” It was rigged by the party “boss” last fall when the Republican National Committee told the Colorado Republican Party that if they allowed a vote in the caucus, then the results of the caucus votes would have to be applied towards the state delegation count. The Colorado Republican Party “boss” said no way, we want to control the power and to decide who gets the Colorado delegation vote, to hell with what the membership wants. The Colorado Republican Party stole this delegation selection, plain and simple. It is time we do away with the caucus system and go back to a statewide primary with winner take all. No more party deciding who gets what.

I encourage every Republican party member to call and write your state legislator and senator and demand that we return to a statewide primary and abandon this misguided rigged party caucus system.

Jim Akin

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