Vail Daily letter: Go by the skiers’ code |

Vail Daily letter: Go by the skiers’ code

I can understand parents’ sorrow over losing a son and even their desire to punish Vail Resorts for its alleged laxity.

But there was none. Every skier knows that an upper portion of a ski run can be closed for safety reasons while the lower is open and safe. And every skier, including I’ll bet those caught in the avalanche on Vail’s Prima Cornice on that fateful day, knew that by sidestepping and climbing up the upper or closed part of the trail was dangerous and illegal.

Why those that did and lived have not been prosecuted is beyond me.

I suggest the court’s judge quit looking at law books and listening to lawyers and instead study the unwritten skiers’ code and consult skiers about such matters.

Stuart “Boot” Gordon


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