Vail Daily letter: Go see Jeannie |

Vail Daily letter: Go see Jeannie

On Wednesday evening I had the privilege of attending a talk given by Jeannie Thoren at the Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon. Jeannie has spent the last 30 years thinking about and researching the way women ski. I arrived a skeptic and left very much convinced there were minor equipment changes which could easily change the way many of us ski and transform this wonderful passion to something even more enjoyable!

Like many women skiers I have been convinced if I could just ski correctly my troubles would end and I would be an amazing skier. Jeannie illustrated, often with much humor, that women are not simply small men and explained the anatomical differences leading to some of our biggest stumbling blocks in improving our skiing.

Jeannie led us through her lifetime experiences and illustrated how those experiences have led her to various conclusions and changes in her own ski equipment. She has spent much of these past 30 years convincing various ski manufacturers to make changes in readily available equipment so recreational skiers, such as myself, will also have the advantage of equipment specifically designed for women making our skiing easier and better.

On Thursday I visited her Women’s Ski Center in Lionshead. She spent time with me (and my boot) and suggested some heel lifts. This was a relatively modest change with a very modest cost ($10!), but it made my turns quicker and easier in some of the crud I skied yesterday, easily worth the $10 I spent.

Thanks Walking Mountain for making the program available to the community. I would urge any one, but especially women who want to make their skiing easier and more enjoyable to visit Jeannie Thoren in her shop. She makes you feel she has all the time in the world to work with and listen to you.

Althea Callaway


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