Vail Daily letter: Go to Denver for health care |

Vail Daily letter: Go to Denver for health care

Hoo-rah to Chris Neuswanger (Valley Voices, Sept. 24) calling VVMC out for ripping us off all these years. It’s way overdue.

Chris was polite in his piece. I’m not going to be.

Doris writes a letter to the Daily (Valley Voices, Sept. 26). It’s hooey.

Housing costs are higher in Denver. Doctors don’t make more up here than they do in Denver.

Doris writes that going to Denver for patient care is not a good idea. She’s wrong. Folks, keep going to Denver. Because the only way VVMC will quit ripping us off, the only way Doris is going to lose grip on her cash cow, is if they/she see a loss of business. In other words, we need to de-fund them.

Here’s an idea for someone. Start a shuttle service that takes people to Denver for health care. There’s a burning problem to solve, there’s a market. Get a hold of me. I’ll help.

Hey Doris. We were onto your scam a few years ago. No way would we ever step foot in your business on purpose. Not only that, we don’t go to anyone who’s connected to VVMC.

By the way, Doris: How about publishing your email, phone number and salary? Do the same for your Board of Directors.

Paul Kulas


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