Vail Daily letter: Goudy for CMC board |

Vail Daily letter: Goudy for CMC board

We have all been receiving our ballots in the mail recently. I would urge every voter to re-elect Kathy Goudy, who is running for the CMC Board of Trustees.

CMC trustee doesn’t get a lot of attention, but Kathy has earned a second term. In her last term, she has been a tireless proponent for the actual students and the taxpayers who support CMC. She repeatedly fought for low tuition for in-district residents, and to continue CMC’s history of vocational, recreational, and non-traditional classes as well as undergraduate courses.

She is a budget hawk who has protected the resources of CMC. Prior to her first term, the previous president and professional staff treated CMC as a source of funding for many of their pet projects which had little to do with CMC’s academic or curriculum needs. She fought against this practice and has gradually moved the trustees back to their position of overseeing the school and not rubber-stamping the staff’s actions. Her stand against having a natural gas pumping station built on CMC’s Spring Valley campus is an example. The previous president had signed a leasing contract with the gas company without the approval of the board, and attempted to ram that sweetheart deal down the college’s throat despite student and faculty outcry. Kathy, who as an attorney aware of the laws that applied to CMC, knew that this action was not one that the president could take. She rallied the board in opposition, and the Colorado Court of Appeals unanimously agreed that the president’s action was unlawful and that the lease was invalid.

When it was learned that buildings at the Spring Valley campus lacked a sprinkler system, the proposal to install one was met with a cry that it would cost millions and was too expensive to be practical. Kathy pushed hard on that issue, found support from other trustees, and the sprinklers will be going in, and at a far lower cost than the estimate provided.

Her dedication to CMC, its staff, and its students is unmatched, and she should be given a second term to continue being the voice and conscience of the locals.

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Chip McCrory


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