Vail Daily letter: Grateful for response |

Vail Daily letter: Grateful for response

I am one of the mothers of the families that suffered carbon monoxide poisoning in Avon on Jan. 2. I am writing on behalf of all of the families involved. As we recover from the carbon monoxide exposure and reflect on the incident, we realize just how fortunate we all are to be alive today. We cannot begin to express how thankful we are for all of the professionals that came to our aid on that day. We want to express our deepest gratitude to the Eagle River Fire Protection District, Eagle County Paramedics Services, The Red Cross, Eagle County Emergency Management, Avon Police Department, the town of Avon building officials and especially the professionals and volunteers at the Vail Valley Medical Center. We were so impressed with the treatment we received and the manner in which all of these people responded to the call to action. Maybe they would say it’s just their job, but to us it was so much more than we could have expected. To us they were the most caring, compassionate, professional group of people in their industry. We are regular vacationers in the Vail and Avon areas and we now rest assured that if ever in need of emergency services again while visiting, we will receive the best care available. To the residents of the Vail Valley, you are lucky to have all these people at your service! We hope this incident reminds everyone to install carbon monoxide detectors in your homes!

Christine Walker

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