Vail Daily letter: Great company |

Vail Daily letter: Great company

It was August of 1980 when I came to work for the Gallegos Corporation. Taking a break from the restaurant industry in the Vail Valley, I took Gerald Gallegos up on his offer to come work with him for a season. At the time there were only 24 employees. After my second day I wasn’t sure I’d make it for the rest of that season. It was hard work. So it’s funny that 35 years later I continue to work for Gallegos. I stayed because I liked the artisan part of laying stone; it’s like playing pool, you are always setting up your next shot.

Thirty-five years later, I realize that was just part of it. Gallegos is like an extension of my family, a place for me to grow in my career and a stable place for me to plan my future. My career and role at Gallegos continued to grow as the company did. I started as a laborer, then became a mason, then foreman, superintendent and then became director of operations. In a time when people changed jobs and careers often Gallegos was a constant for me for all the reasons I listed above.

Today it still gives people looking for a rewarding career a place learn and grow. When I hit my 30-year anniversary, I set my sights on 40 years and decided only then I will begin to consider retirement. As Gallegos celebrates its 45th anniversary I’m happy to celebrate my 35th year with the company. With the people I work with and the projects I’ve been part of, I’d do it all again.

Andy Romero

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