Vail Daily letter: Great job, Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Great job, Avon

I want to thank the town of Avon for a great job on the Metcalf Road climbing lane. The project was needed and it was also completed with minimal disruption and in great time.

Additionally, I think the West and East Beaver Creek Boulevard re-striping has been great and significantly slowed down vehicle traffic to allow the bike and pedestrian traffic to flow safely. I have seen a lot of letters that complain about the narrowing — and making drivers nervous. I have learned from experience that vehicular traffic will flow at the speed that drivers feel comfortable. Wider lanes have meant faster speeds. The narrowing has increased the level of discomfort for drivers (a good thing!) and slowed them down, making it safer for all traffic on this road. Some tweaking may be required, but overall a good job by the town.

Mike Coleman


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