Vail Daily letter: Great person |

Vail Daily letter: Great person

I am lucky enough to know Gretchen Pleshaw not only personally but professionally as well. I believe she is a wonderful contribution to the Vail Valley. Not only does she dedicate her life to finding a cure for cancer, she also is one of the most uplifting, loving people I know. She is very empowering to me as a woman as it is very rare to see someone (especially a woman) who lives life with such a strong, positive outlook. I personally love seeing her face in the paper. She inspires me to get out on the mountain and enjoy my life all while helping others. She is also a great role model for young women as she breaks social norms by wearing what she wants (pink pants for cancer research) as well as teaching young people to be themselves no matter what anyone thinks. Not only is she is a selfless, caring, loving, empathetic, beautiful woman, but she is a great example of someone living life to their fullest potential. She doesn’t need any “free” marketing as she is a very successful model and actress all on her own. She has personally built many positive relationships in this valley (it’s called social networking) and she deserves all the credit she gets for being so fabulous.

As for the comment (Letters to the Editor, Dec. 20) that “Vail Live seems to have no shortage of people sending in content,” have you ever looked at how much content is there? I personally have been featured under an online alias in the Vail Live section 5-plus times in the past two weeks, mostly because I am one of the only people to tag my photograph during the day. I also do not personally know anyone at the paper, not that it matters. I really hope Mr. Greg White gets some love for the holidays this year; it seems like he needs it.

Amy Chadwell

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