Vail Daily letter: Great rec programs |

Vail Daily letter: Great rec programs

An open letter To The VRD board (with a copy to The Vail Daily):

It seems I write every year to rave about the golf and tennis programs Vail offers. Why should this year be any different? Both programs do an amazing job — and this year was no exception. Tennis continued to be a vibrant program with multiple men’s and women’s program with active participation. Bob Seward, with support from Adam and Jerry, make the tennis program one of the best in which I have ever had the opportunity to participate. Regular games are made easy by the hard work of the tennis crew. The courts are fabulous. And parking is now a heck of a lot easier than days of the past. What more could one ask for? I love it! Congrats!

And what can be said about golf? Alice and her crew — Ethan times two, Nathan, Geoff, Mac, Steve, Dick, Rick, Winter, Carolyn, Kim, Matthew, Mitch, JR, Sebastian and all the others never learned how to say “no.” They make the impossible happen, day in and day out. They seem to embrace the concept of “customer delight.” It occurred to me today when I stopped by, that any golf club in the country that went through the enormous disruption that Vail Golf had, from demolition to construction, to legal distractions, to physical relocation and on and on, would have shut down operations for two months to sort it all out. Not Alice. Not her team. With smiles on their faces and a “can do” attitude, they never blinked, and the community was the beneficiary of their good work.

We are so darn lucky.

Hats off to all on the VRD and to Mike Ortiz, who provides masterful overall leadership.

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Thirty years for me here in the Vail Valley and it just keeps getting better, constantly exceeding expectations. I have belonged to private golf and tennis clubs throughout the country. Ford Park Tennis and Vail Golf can compete with any of them — especially the attitude of the staffs!

Congrats and thanks!

Jeffrey Horn

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