Vail Daily letter: Great service |

Vail Daily letter: Great service

I recently ventured to Colorado to take part in the 27th Triple Bypass (bike ride). What a great experience, although the altitude was difficult for a low-lander. OK, I’m not lying, it was arguably the hardest eight hours of my life. I was able to meet up and ride with my old phys ed teacher/coach from high school — whom I hadn’t seen in 28 years. Also, I met a couple new friends along the way. To add to the experience, I stayed with an old college friend that now resides in Edwards (hadn’t seen him in 25 years). It was a blast. Love me some Colorado!

Well, when I was in town I had a bit of an issue with my bike; a snafu if you will. Paul Previtali, owner of High Gear Cyclery in Avon, stepped in (and stepped up), bending over backwards to help me out. I handle PR and customer/technical support for my company and understand all too well the importance of taking care of the customer. Paul at High Gear established a whole new benchmark; his level of support and assistance went well beyond even the high standards I expect from my company and employees.

I did a bit of research regarding High Gear Cyclery and ran across a write-up you put together last year. I’ve left a comment to your article and have left several accolades for High Gear on numerous social media sites and forums. I usually don’t go this far with this type of praise (mainly because it’s been years since I’ve had a business/owner earn this level of respect), but felt it was well deserved and the right thing to do! Praise is hard to come by; it’s usually the disappointed/angry customers that are the most vocal.

I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, 750 miles from Eagle County. Paul and High Gear have made a customer for life! I told Paul that the next bicycle I purchase will be from him and I mean it. His level of commitment to the customer is second to none and that’s hard to ignore.

Thanks for taking the time to entertain my rave, but let it be known, it was well deserved.

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James Abner

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