Vail Daily letter: Great ski shop |

Vail Daily letter: Great ski shop

I am writing to let the women of Vail know what a wonderful ski shop is in their midst, Jeannie Thoren’s Women Ski Center. I am from Ohio, where I raced for many years. Due to knee problems, I decided to purchase new boots and skis this season since the equipment now is much lighter than mine. Jeannie came to Ohio to a Ski Fest in October where she fitted me for boots. She told me more about my foot with regards to how I skied in 5 minutes than any other boot fitter had ever told me. Since I was coming to Vail, she said if I needed any tweaking of the boots I could just come in to her shop. Her husband, Tom, did have to make a couple of minor adjustments for me. When I explained where I was having discomfort in my boot, he too knew exactly what he could do to fix my problem.

Jeannie knows the issue women have with their equipment and the way they ski. While in Vail I demoed five different skis from their store and did buy a pair. Jeannie and Tom were very accommodating. I can’t thank them enough for all of the time they spent with me to insure my boots fit properly and were comfortable, and that the skis I purchased were ones that would be fun for me to ski. All I know is that when my feet feel good in my ski boot and I do not have to continually adjust them, I am a happy skier. So when in Lionshead Village, stop in to see them, you won’t be disappointed. (Even men come in to get their boots adjusted!)

Cheryl Valasik

Medina, Ohio

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