Vail Daily letter: Greedy Vail Resorts |

Vail Daily letter: Greedy Vail Resorts

Heidi Hanson in her (March 26) letter echoes the thoughts of many local skiers who look at the now-announced price for a local ski pass. For the 2014-15 season the pass will cost $ 729.

These locals wonder how they will be able to afford this pass with their meager earnings serving Vail Resorts’ guests their dinner, cleaning their rooms and driving the buses, shagging their cars, etc. Heidi will sit out next year for the first time in decades because she simply can’t afford it.

Vail Resorts touts that the Epic Pass is a pass for the “true skier” so that translates “locals should not apply.” Vail Resorts has lead the nation in jacking up the cost of a ski pass for years and there does not seem to be an end in sight. The price for lift tickets is out of sight, the price for private lessons are astronomical and the prices for lunch on the hill are obscene. It should be noted while private lessons have increased while the pay to the ski instructor has not changed.

Most of the terrain which Vail Resorts leases from the U.S. Forest Service is government land that is owned by you and me and our federal income taxes helps support the Forest Service operations. When, if any, of the 52 years that Vail has been leasing these lands have they seen any increase in the rental thereof? One might suggest that lift ticket prices should be tied to Forest Service lease rent increases.

It is evident that the only thing that matters to Vail Resorts in its ski operations is the “bottom line” and the pay to its top executives. I wonder if any of these powerful executives would be able to tell you the meaning of the term “sitzmark”?

This is a sad day for all of the local workers who have helped make Vail what it is today. The explanation for this madness is very simple. It is greed of the first magnitude.

In the end, how do you expect Vail Resorts to purchase Park City Mountain Resort if they can’t count on every Eagle County local worker to pay the freight at Vail?

C. Saros

Eagle Vail

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