Vail Daily letter: Grooming is inferior |

Vail Daily letter: Grooming is inferior

An open letter to Vail Mountain management: Pete Seibert would be very disappointed in your care of the mountain. He and the other founders were keen on grooming excellence, often accompanying the groomers and rumored to actually navigate the cat on the slopes. Eliminating daytime groomers for safety reasons is absurd as the daily count of increased injuries far exceeds the lifetime of groomer incidents. Ask all the Ski Patrol and instructors, who all concur with this. Even the current grooming is inferior as incomplete and undone grooming. Two days this week, Bear Tree was announced and not done. It is pathetic that you do not make it easier for the novice and senior skiers to get off the mountain. The absence of daytime skiing is done only for reduced overhead and increased bottom line being shoved into the pockets of executives and shareholders. Pete and the other founders are turning over in their graves and current management has reduced Vail, the best mountain in the world, to this. The concern of the skier is second to profits. Deer Valley and many others have continued the excellence in grooming the mountain.

Matthew Sloan

Long Beach, Calif.

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