Vail Daily letter: Growing up at Red Arrow Camp |

Vail Daily letter: Growing up at Red Arrow Camp

I am a longtime local, but have been a part of Red Arrow Camp in northern Wisconsin for 30 years, where I have been privileged enough to help grow boys into young men. This experience has been a pivotal part of my life where campers and counselors live in log cabins built by lumberjacks, enjoy the sounds of the great outdoors with birds singing, the rivers flowing and the eagles soaring above the great Trout Lake. Music is made at songfest, and the experience includes trips and the annual camp play. Campers and staff get plugged into the great outdoors without cell phones or electronics. Rather, they participate in conversation at meals and all their sports and activities — 22 to chose from — throughout the summer. For me, camp is a taste of heaven: great meals, great fellowship and non-stop action.

Camp is where I met my wife, Mary Liebl, and developed friendships for a lifetime. My son Jesse Greve was a camper at RAC for 10 years, where he learned his lacrosse skills and eventually was the lead in the camp musical play. What mattered most as a parent was watching Jesse grow into a fine young man much as a result of his experiences at camp. Jesse is now playing hockey at St. Johns University in Minnesota, with his career goals set on physical therapy and is in his second year as a counselor and instructor at RAC.

The camp traditions at Red Arrow Camp are solid and strong. I can’t help but think how important my late boss Bob Krohn was for camp. He brought the camp motto to life — “Yes, I can!” He was an innovator along with his wife, Sue Krohn, who is still directing the camp. I could not be more proud of all things that I have been able to help them do as the camp’s program director the last 12 years. When the Krohns took over camp in 1967, they kept the traditions of emblems and kerchiefs going while adding many beloved games to camp like Cabin Night, Carnival, Salad Bowl, Olympics and expanded hiking trips in the Porkies, Pictures Rocks, Isle Royale and the Turtle River in Canada.

I strongly suggest for any boy 8-16 years of age to attend Red Arrow Camp. Why wait to be a great man — be a great boy! As a counselor and program director, I took this charge to heart — “A man never stands so straight as when he stoops to help a child.”

I have the honor to be on the board of the Red Arrow Camp Foundation and know that if a boy truly wants to go to Red Arrow Camp, we can make it the summer of his life. For more information, call Steve at 970-343-0347. Find out more at

There is assistance for boys who want to go to camp and need financial assistance. Talk to Sue Krohn about any questions you may have. She may be reached at 970-879-7081.

Steve Greve

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