Vail Daily letter: Gypsum Fire proposal worthy |

Vail Daily letter: Gypsum Fire proposal worthy

Please support the Gypsum Fire Protection’s ballot initiative this May. As a citizen, a taxpayer, and a community member, I appreciate having emergency services available to respond to all the kinds of emergencies we have happen in our lives. From fire to river rescue to car accidents to every conceivable medical condition, our fire department is at the ready. We have to help them be at the ready with training, equipment, protective clothing, and our support.

Our Fire Department has never in its history received a mill levy increase. It has been operating on the same mill levy for the last 33 years. Finally after dipping into their reserves for several years it has become apparent that the department cannot continue for long without our help.

If we don’t support this initiative I fear we may lose our Fire Department or their ability to respond with the necessary personnel and equipment. Lastly, when I make that phone call, on the worst day of my life, I want someone to come quick, with everything they need to help me. I hope you do, too.

Anna Doig


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