Vail Daily letter: Handled it wrong |

Vail Daily letter: Handled it wrong

To the editor and Greg Ziccardi,

You should be ashamed and arrested for walking out on your bill in a restaurant. And the Vail Daily should show some restraint in what they publish! Let us cast a light on the other people in this story, “Lousy service in a service town,” published Nov. 6 in the Vail Daily. The owner of this restaurant lost money on the sale not paid for and he has to restock the items, and if other customers are in the same situation he pays three times (lost future sales). The hostess and bartender most likely lost a percentage of the tip lost when Mr. Ziccardi skipped out on the tab. What did they do to deserve to get stiffed?

You also have done a disservice to future patrons of this establishment by not bringing this matter to the attention of the management or the owner. By not making aware of the bad service of both the kitchen staff cooking your meal and the waitstaff that you dealt with, how is the situation to be corrected?

In places that I have dealt with, the situation would have been corrected immediately and your meal and drinks comped. And most likely, a future meal comped to show that the situation has been corrected.

You showed little backbone by not dealing with the problem in an adult manner in person immediately. If this happened in Vail I hope they come after you!

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As for the Vail Daily, I hope that you would think twice about publishing future articles from a confessed thief. And you should hold your paper/employees to a higher standard than Mr Ziccardi showed in his article.

Let me make myself clear, I do not condone the actions of the waitress, the slow service time in receiving the meal from the kitchen, the skipping out on the check, Nor the Gall to publish the story in the paper! The Vail police should at least arrest Mr. Ziccardi for confessed theft of service to set an example. I quote from the article: “And now I am prepared to suffer the consequences and do ‘time’ at the Eagle County facility for ‘walkin’ on my bill.’” I call your bluff! Go do your time.

Leonard Bloom


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