Vail Daily letter: Hands off public lands |

Vail Daily letter: Hands off public lands

Kooky, our local governments, political candidates, newspaper and business owners/employers have all gone. Kooky on our most recent artificial housing/real estate bubble. Turn our local neighborhoods into short-term motel rooms, keep local wages low, low, low with temporary and illegal labor — excuse me, undocumented labor — and all of a sudden a crisis is created that can only be solved by stealing (seizing) public lands, e.g. National Forest.

Didn’t you idiots understand this was misguided when the local welfare ranches in Oregon took over the National Wildlife Refuge earlier this year and declared it was our land for our welfare cows? When I hear tax-paid officials and potential government representatives (hopefully will never happen) declare it is our land and we should take it to house labor for businesses that refuse to pay liveable wages and think taxpayers should subsidize them, I get kooky.

Should we invite the true believers like the Earth Liberation Front to the valley to fight against these thieves? Should we drive as many tourists from this valley as possible so the problem is solved? Keep your hands off national public lands to solve your greedy, greedy artificially created real estate bubble. Pay a local liveable wage, and buy property at the bottom of the real estate bubble, i.e. five years ago. We’ll survive this artificially created real estate bubble without stealing public lands and taxpayer dollars.

P.S. — U.S. Forest Service: You’re not leaving Dowd Junction. This is your center of customer service, not Eagle. Represent and service your customers — don’t hide from them in Eagle. If you leave, don’t come back — you won’t be welcome. Summit County’s Lake Hill administrative site was an epic land swindle that won’t be tolerated here.

Rich Schnelle

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