Vail Daily letter: ‘Hangout’ is much needed |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Hangout’ is much needed

I am writing this to compliment all of the parents and kids who are responsible for fundraising and building the new “hangout” in Edwards, The Basement in Riverwalk! This is an amazing idea that’s come together and something we’ve needed here for so long. We are so lucky to have all the outdoor sports and activities here for our kids growing up, as well as such strong sports programs in all the schools, the dance academy, etc. But as a parent I always felt that the “hangout” opportunities, places to have fun and be safe, were almost non-existent. All the snow sports, school sports, dance, etc. are all great for kids’ bodies and minds but don’t always keep our kids away from teenage trouble — it’s hanging out with other good kids that does, and having young adult role models organize and supervise fun activities that does!

The Young Life leaders and organizers are doing a great job truly loving and caring about all the middle and high school kids they can — a donation to this local nonprofit is worth every penny! If you missed the article ‘Chill vibes, safe fun’ in Thursdays paper, it’s worth reading. Thank you, Scott Leonard and Anne Barnett — the kids in our valley are super lucky because of you two!

Dennie Moore

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