Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

As a lifelong Republican, voter, and Eagle County resident, I really dread this time of year. Not that the summer was so short, but that the election season is here. I can’t believe the mudslinging and disrespect that is shown between opponents. We’re all fallible people, but it is very important that we treat each other with more respect and dignity. We all live in a small area and there is no doubt that we’ll bump into each other over and over in the grocery store or gas stations. We ought to allow the experience of the candidates and their resumes speak for themselves!

This year I will vote for Daric Harvey in spite of the fact that he is a Democrat. He has the ability to bring a lot of experience and much needed enthusiasm to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. I feel he has led a clean and very organized campaign.

It is my personal belief that one of the most important characteristics of a good sheriff is the ability to be present and involved with the community. Over the years I have seen a departure in the Sheriff’s Office from being involved, in an event that is close to my heart that honors and shows respect to Eagle County’s first responders. That event is the Ride in Remembrance and tribute to Eagle County’s heroes lost in the line of duty. We have lost five public servants serving the citizens of Eagle County. I feel that the Sheriff’s Office will become a bigger participant with the election of Daric Harvey. He has helped with the law enforcement’s Special Olympics Torch Run and now serves on the board of directors of the Bright Future Foundation. Daric Harvey is very committed to the welfare of this community.

I know with the election of Daric Harvey for sheriff, he will not let the two deputies that have given the ultimate for this county be forgotten! Bring the department to a proud and honored law enforcement agency in Eagle County.

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I will vote for Daric Harvey because he has demonstrated that leadership can be proactive and focused on what can be done, rather on the obstacles that prevent things from happening. I have seen this in the respect and enthusiasm he shows toward all people he meets. I’m confident he will do the same with the Sheriff’s Office.

I would encourage you to remember to vote for Daric Harvey for sheriff and what he will bring to the table.

Moses Gonzales

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