Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

Within days of Daric Harvey announcing his candidacy for Eagle County sheriff, I was hearing nothing but great things. His name was on the lips of those people in this valley I consider leaders, policy makers, movers and shakers, saying this is the man for the sheriff job. I’ve always listened to those people around me in schools, board rooms, place of work, and the one name that keeps popping up in those circles with high regard is that of Daric Harvey. I’ve checked out his resume and platform issues and there is everything there we need in a quality sheriff. I love a good yard sign in a yard of someone I know. I so often will pick up the phone to call that trusted friend to ask their viewpoints on that candidate. The best recommendation is word of mouth and that of someone whose opinion you value.

I’ve been in this valley for 32 years and I can honestly say that when someone you know that has actual hands-on experience with this candidate tells you this guy is the real McCoy, then you need to take note. I know I did. I now would like to ask all my friends, colleagues and acquaintances to vote for Daric Harvey for Eagle County sheriff, giving the Sheriff’s Office fresh leadership. I feel confident that Daric can take us forward in what is going to be a challenging year with big events, new laws and a rebounding economy.

Louise Funk

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