Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

My husband and I have lived in Eagle County for 33 years. Our valley is certainly not the same place it was back then. Eagle County has grown dramatically over the past three decades and with that growth and time have come great cultural and social changes. Our population has become more diverse and that is a good thing. Eagle County also experiences many of the social challenges facing other communities including domestic violence. Thankfully, the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in our county have a resource that they can turn to for support and assistance, The Bright Future Foundation.

It was through my work with Bright Future that I came to know Cmdr. Daric Harvey of the Vail Police Department. I had heard of him and the impact that he was having at the Vail Police Department but we did not formally meet until he joined the board at Bright Future. From the beginning, Daric displayed a commitment to those whom Bright Future is dedicated to helping that reflects his “service before self” ethic.

Over 33 years I have seen many a public servant come and go in Eagle County but I believe that Daric Harvey is a rare find. I believe that he has, and will, continue to serve all of us fairly and with a dedication that we can be proud to say, “I voted for Daric Harvey for Eagle County sheriff.”

Susan Frampton


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