Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

A few years ago I was invited by Vail Police Chief Dwight Henninger to participate in a Citizen’s Panel. Our task was to interview candidates for the position of commander in the police department. While I was both impressed and humbled by the dedication, passion and professionalism of all the candidates, it was Officer Daric Harvey who stood head and shoulders above the rest. He received our unanimous recommendation and has been serving our community ever since.

As the chaplain of the Vail Police Department, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Daric and observe his interactions with those of our community. He is a person of exemplary character who is attentive to the needs of others and willing to extend himself for the sake of our community. I have experienced him to be an observant and careful thinker who can articulate his own thoughts and feelings with clarity and prudence. I have watched him compassionately serve and attend to the needs of others, and I know him to be a person of deep integrity and profound joy.

Daric is a trusted leader in our community who is respected by his peers and admired for his committed faithfulness, dedication and enthusiasm. Daric’s professionalism as a member of our law enforcement team is matched by his passion for the health and well being of our community.

Our panel chose the best person, and now you have the opportunity to do the same. I invite you to join me in voting for Daric Harvey as our next Eagle County sheriff.

Rev. Dr. Scott K. Beebe

Mount of the Holy Cross Lutheran Church

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