Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

I have lived here my whole life. I have worked doing everything from plowing streets to maintenance for the town of Vail, and now serve as a supervisor in the public works group. My family originally lived in Gilman before the mine closed down in ’78. I’ve known most of the sheriffs that have come through Eagle County since my time being around.

One thing I think we should have in a sheriff is the ability to be respected and give respect. Daric Harvey is the kind of guy that you can walk up to on the street, and he’ll treat you the same as if he were in uniform as in normal clothes. We’ve worked together over the past three years, and every time you see him talk to anybody, he’s always very open and kind. I would never be worried about talking to Daric about anything I had on my mind for the Sheriff’s Office, whether he was in uniform or not. There’s no caprice there in regard to his office, if you know what I mean.

Daric and I work together on the Special Events Committee, which is the group in Vail that reviews the necessary planning, logistics, and approval for anything going on in the town. Safety is a big issue for all of us, and especially for Cmdr. Harvey. Seeing Daric in action on that committee has shown me that he has the experience and the leadership traits necessary to be able to lead the Sheriff’s Office.

Daric is thoroughly ingrained, as many of us are, with planning for the biggest events coming up in 2015, including the Ski Championships. I do not doubt that Daric would be able to take his abilities and concern for public safety from his efforts over these special events and apply them countywide over everything that the Sheriff’s Office does.

Finally, Daric is a family-oriented, just and good man. Beyond being a good leader just based on his experience and skills, he will be a good leader because he will be conscientious, fair and motivated. Some in this election season have tried to point out that folks are playing politics — I just want to say that a man’s experience and character should speak for the task they undertake to do. We may, by law, have to elect a sheriff, but I hope we all see that there is more at stake here for the community than putting somebody in office because they are a long-time local or whatever. This position requires some legitimate, hard working, and current police experience. It’s clear to me that Daric possesses all of these things.

I encourage you to get to know Daric through calling him, talking to him, or looking at his resume. I hope we all vote too based on the skills required for this role, not because it’s some sort of popularity competition either, but because it matters for the safety and long-term planning of our home.

Charlie Turnbull


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