Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

As I’m sure you are aware, Eagle County will elect a new county sheriff this fall. As I’ve watched the exchange between the two Republican candidates as we approach their primary election, it occurs to me that with either of the two we will end up with largely more of the same.

Fortunately, we have a better choice for Eagle County, Daric Harvey. I have had the pleasure of working with Daric at the town of Vail and have found him to be intelligent, friendly and approachable.

Daric has an impressive resume of progressive advancement in sheriff departments of much larger size and budgets than that of Eagle County. Daric possesses a strong sense of community and will work to increase patrol coverage throughout the county and engage our children in education programs for drug prevention and school safety. Daric is a strong supporter of our constitutional rights and will engage us as citizens to listen and act on the concerns of the community.

Daric has the experience needed to bring the county’s sheriff department to the level of safety we deserve as our county’s population continues to expand.

Please take a few minutes to review the information at and you will see as I have that Daric is the right choice for Eagle County sheriff. (You can check Daric out on Facebook also)

John A. King


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