Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

The Eagle County sheriff is an elected position that does not have term limits. The next person we put into office may be there a very long time. Therefore, it is important that the new sheriff be extremely experienced in all aspects of law enforcement, and the best choice for our county. Daric Harvey is just such a candidate.

Daric has risen through the ranks from a law enforcement officer, to narcotics investigator, to sergeant, lieutenant, and is currently a commander with the Vail Police Department. In his almost 19 years of law enforcement, Daric has also been a member of the SWAT team, a homicide detective, and academy instructor of new recruits. He has supervised numerous staff and managed a multi-million dollar budget. Daric spent 16 years in Florida law enforcement serving population sizes three times that of Eagle County, and home to the resorts of Disney World and Daytona Beach. He understands law enforcement in tourist areas, which is why he was hired by the town of Vail to lead in their police department.

Another valuable aspect is Daric’s philosophy of community policing and building relationships with residents. As we have seen with the recent events in Ferguson, Mo., it is important that the sheriff promote an organizational culture that values the community input. Toward that end, Daric also fluently speaks Spanish, and will be able to forge relationships among those that may be the hardest to reach. I am voting for Daric Harvey for Eagle County sheriff, and I urge you to as well.

Taylor Ryan


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