Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

The Bright Future Foundation and the Buddy Mentor program are two organizations that I am passionate about supporting. Both organizations serve Eagle County in such a way that we should all be proud of. Bright Future is a vital resource for the victims of domestic violence and Buddy Mentors provides positive role models for our young people when they need them most.

Daric Harvey joined the board of directors at Bright Future shortly after starting with the Vail Police Department. At a time when Daric could have spent his time becoming entrenched in all of the great activities Eagle County has to offer, he chose to serve others. The perspective that Daric brings to the board as an experienced law enforcement professional is valued and respected.

Daric Harvey will bring to the office of Eagle County sheriff law enforcement leadership that includes administrative, financial and operational management experience. He will continue to support the vital programs that many in our valley benefit from. The Police Explorers program that he leads has already begun to pay dividends in Eagle County’s youth. Executive level leadership skills and experience are critical to managing a nearly $10 million budget and staff the size of the Sheriff’s Office. Daric Harvey has that experience.

A better future for Eagle County should not be about whom you know or how long you have been here but rather what you have done professionally and who you are willing to serve personally. Daric Harvey has my support for Eagle County sheriff and I hope that you support him also.

Craig Cormack

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