Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

I’d like to thank the Vail Daily for their efforts in providing equal print space to all the candidates and their views. It is especially helpful when they print side-by-side viewpoints from opposing candidates.

While I was reading the articles on the sheriff candidates, one thing stood out to me. Both candidates have experiences they would bring to the position, both talked about the importance of values, and both seem like good people. However, only one candidate talked about specific, concrete ideas he would bring to the office. Only one candidate talked about how he has been involved in the county, working to improve it and make it a better place for us to live. That candidate is Daric Harvey.

Daric may have only lived in Eagle County for two years, but in those two years he has successfully overseen the Vail Police Department’s operations and started a Police Explorers program to involve the valley’s youth. He talked about his ideas to expand the school resource officer program, and about specific ideas he has to build the department’s relationships with the community. He also demonstrates understanding of how to balance a department’s needs with its budgetary constraints.

Daric brings a fresh perspective that is badly needed in the Sheriff’s Office. Van Beek is a nice guy, but hasn’t been involved in law enforcement in many, many years. Daric has been involved in law enforcement for the past 19 years, steadily working his way up through the ranks and learning exactly what it takes to run a successful department. His experience and ideas are exactly what the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office needs. I’ll be voting for Daric Harvey, and I hope you join me in doing so.

Stephen Smith

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