Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

Electing Daric Harvey sheriff is the most productive action our county can take in the best interests of all citizens in our varied communities. Daric’s platform to provide increased and substantive training for all local law enforcement would allow peace officers to meet their own personal goals to excel professionally and better serve our public.

Daric’s extensive experience and knowledge to train and educate law enforcement professionals will bring our peace officers to the sophisticated standards of excellence our valley needs to promise and deliver. Domestic violence cases, marijuana use, and particularly attention to our youth, are complex situations that require a law enforcement community eager to learn and integrate proven best practices the right training will provide.

As a victim of domestic violence I know firsthand how important it is for the sheriff, deputies and police officers to fully understand how to professionally investigate this particular crime to determine and protect the victim.

Our community celebrates the diversity inherent in our local population that serves and enjoys living in a world-class resort area. We are ready to wisely choose the right professional to steer law enforcement to obtain and practice the skills expected and deserved by our world-class visitors and locals alike.

Daric Harvey has the proven record and skills to make this happen.

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Doe Browning

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