Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

I am writing this letter in support of Daric Harvey for Eagle County sheriff. I have known Daric for the last three years and have been impressed with the work he has done at the Vail Police Department. I am also impressed with the openness which Daric approaches all things with. It is wonderful to see people who enjoy working with other people and in my opinion Daric certainly enjoys working with people

When I look at what we need in the sheriff of EagleCounty, I believe we need someone who has the experience, qualifications and education. Daric has a record of 19 years of law enforcement experience, which includes management. The Explorer program for young people, which he has brought to the valley, is only one example of something new which has made a difference and engages young people with law enforcement. I believe he has a vision of having law enforcement that is not just on the street, but also engaged in the community. I believe his goal is have our Eagle County Sheriff’s department, more inclusive, professional and modern.

I feel Daric will be able to give the citizens of Eagle County the best law enforcement for their dollar spent. I hope the voters in our county will take the time to meet Daric, read and learn about him and hopefully make a decision like we did to vote for Daric Harvey.

Ronnie Baker


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