Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Harvey for sheriff

Counties such as Eagle, under Colorado law, are required to elect/re-elect their sheriff every four years. This process tends to favor candidates who have lived in the county for many years and, therefore, have the greatest name recognition although may not be the most qualified individual. This is very different than the system that our towns such as Eagle, Vail or Avon follow where if you need a new police chief, town manager or public works director, the town leaders have the authority to search for and hire the best possible candidate from anywhere in the USA who meets the needs of their respective communities. Eagle County continues to be a dynamic county with a 10-year forecast for significant population growth, an increasingly diverse social makeup, dramatic increases in visitors summer and winter with the associated complexities of thousands of resort and construction workers coming and going. These characteristics demand that we have highly experienced, innovative and community-oriented leadership in our chief county law enforcement officer.

In this election we have two experienced candidates although one, who is lesser know, brings current experience as he is a commander in the Vail Police Department and has continuous law enforcement experience for the past 17 years, including 10-plus years with other county sheriff offices outside Colorado; this candidate is Daric Harvey. As a council person and mostly recently as mayor in Vail, I have watched Daric provide day-to-day leadership to the uniformed officers of the Vail PD as well as implement policy and direction from Chief Henninger. I have witnessed Daric’s ability to deal with difficult individuals in a thoughtful, professional manner, defusing high-tension situations with calm and confidence. Daric’s extensive training and diverse experience allows him to move quickly into new positions, which would prove particularly helpful should he be elected sheriff. We are lucky to have a candidate with the diversity of sophisticated training that Daric has brought to our county.

Interaction with kids and our schools is a critical aspect of our sheriff’s responsibility, and having school-age children in Eagle County schools gives Daric firsthand experience with the challenges we face in supporting the educating of our kids in environment conducive to learning. So while Daric does not have the name recognition or long-term residency in Eagle County, his experience and training more than offset his lack of long-term tenure in our county and have prepared him well to take over as our next sheriff.

Andy Daly


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