Vail Daily letter: Haymeadow too dense |

Vail Daily letter: Haymeadow too dense

It was very disheartening to read your harangue against the caring, committed people who were responsible for the petition for a referendum on the Haymeadow subdivision.

You are right that many of the town’s voters do not support the development. But it was unnecessary to make the focus of your article insulting throughout. No wonder you sign your editorials “Our View” and don’t put a name to them as the public does. Did you question why the advice of the town attorney’s office or the petition form from the town was faulty? If there is blame, it certainly isn’t on the well-meaning citizens. Please control your personal insults towards citizens with a different view in the future.

The Haymeadow process was rushed through Eagle because of the upcoming election and the changes coming to the town board’s members. Public concerns include the limited access on Capitol Street or Sylvan Lake Road through Eagle Ranch for construction traffic and future residents, an impossible situation for the rest of Eagle. The extension of Brush Creek Road to Highway 6 is a must before any construction begins in the new subdivision.

No surprise that you think there is nothing wrong with Haymeadow and it is a fine addition to the community. Your support of Eagle’s growth has been undaunted in every case. The fact that residential growth does not support itself and that commercial development has not come to fruition because of the current economy does not seem to concern anyone. Haymeadow is too dense, with 837 houses crammed together to create some limited open space, and not enough room for the migrating elk. They will be feeding on the new landscaping of Haymeadow homeowners and the open space.

Suzie Shepard


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