Vail Daily letter: Heavy footsteps |

Vail Daily letter: Heavy footsteps

“Conservatives” are not conservationists. Money is their soul’s incentive. Fear is their main drive. Fear overrides their inner workings, “they will never have enough of anything.”

The conservatives’ footsteps crush all that is natural. All to manufacture and only to preserve the balances in their bank accounts.

They won’t and don’t live with nature because they are afraid. Afraid that her power and beauty will stay, while their own will eventually fade. They claim all is their domain. A dominion over everything to ensure their lavish lifestyle.

Their prime motivation? Taking and taking more profits at the expense of others.

I have never had the opportunity to see a conservative in the wild standing in awe and reverence of nature’s beauty. They lack the understanding they are a part of the natural web of life. When a catastrophe occurs they rely on the comforting aisles of Costco and Walmart. Their homes are barren of self sufficient systems that will sustain them through most anything.

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Can’t you see? Our Earth is not your trash can. Our neighbors are not your discounts. Our creatures are your disconnect. All for the avarice pursuit of things. Don’t you get it?

Please, my friend, start walking in nature and teaching your daughters and sons how to. For I am afraid you don’t see that there are only a few things you really need to be happy.

When I meet a conservationist in the wild or on a city street corner, I know the difference between them and conservatives. They have left no trace.

Robert Castellino

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