Vail Daily letter: Hollow assertions

Let’s correct the record regarding several assertions made in Mike Kieler’s letter to the editor (Thursday’s Vail Daily). The essence of his comments were “Carl Luppens’ comments not true.” These hollow assertions, without factual support, should be ignored by the residents of Eagle-Vail. Readers that are interested in the truth can easily verify the following:

• Has significant financial information been withheld from the community?

In the recent 5A referendum, disclosures supporting 5A failed to report the community’s deferred maintenance of over $20 million. Furthermore, there was no effort to warn the community of the substantial financial burden that the 5A referendum, combined with this deferred maintenance obligation, would create. After defeat of 5A, Mr. Kieler said at a public meeting, justifiably, that the “voters didn’t trust us.” See the last few minutes on Channel 5 TV ( of the April 21 meeting where I expose the total $30 million liability.

• Have community leaders and board members advocated for development of open space in Eagle-Vail?

As quoted in this paper over the years, Board President Louise Funk has advocated the development of new “starter homes” in Eagle-Vail. At a recent public meeting, she also said that an area needed to be dedicated to build “patio homes” and that she wanted one. These comments can be validated. In addition, ongoing discussions in various committee meetings have asserted that “flexibility” must be preserved to develop open space in the future. The fact is that right now just three members of the metro board could approve the sale or development of open space for 500 new homes. Residents should know that the board has avoided protective rezoning of these areas for years.

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These are two examples that confirm assertions made in my earlier letter. These facts should discredit all the assertions of Mr. Kieler. The community needs leaders that will make decisions based on facts. I will.

Carl Luppens

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