Vail Daily letter: Holm for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: Holm for commissioner

I was on a plane with my daughter Courtney Holm on Sept. 11. The pilot had just announced that we had entered U.S. air space in New York; we were excited to be so close to home. Just a few minutes later, the plane took a sharp turn and began to circle over the ocean as the pilots tried to find a new place to land since U.S. airspace was then closed. Finally, the pilot came on the speaker to let us know that there had been an incident, although he did not say what had happened, and we would be diverted to a small airport in Gander, Newfoundland.

The mood on the plane was nervous and uncertain and once we landed we were stuck on the plane on the tarmac for 24 hours. There was still a great deal of confusion and few answers, and many passengers began to get unsettled, scared and some started to shake. There was no food left on the plane, and Courtney suggested that the passengers share whatever snacks they had brought on the plane and she helped the flight attendants bring water and blankets to the passengers. The smokers leaned out the back door to smoke and settle their nerves and finally additional rations were brought to the plane.

I have observed her in this and so many situations where she is smart, resourceful, calm, and able to pull people to work together. She will certainly bring those characteristics if voted in as Eagle County commissioner. So this 9/11, let’s remember the many lives that were senselessly lost and try to focus on coming together like so many people did during that horrific, tragic time.

Summer Holm

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