Vail Daily letter: Honoring our veterans |

Vail Daily letter: Honoring our veterans

Last week, it was important to honor​ and recognize​ those ​military personnel ​who serve our country. As ​volunteer ​coordinator for the Veterans Awareness Week programs in the valley’s schools, I​, in turn, had the privilege to serve those veterans. I ​would like to thank everyone involved for making ​last week ​the best one yet!

Thank you to the band and music teachers who taught their students, not only to play and sing, but to bring joy to those listening as they belted out those patriotic numbers.

Thanks to the art teachers who decorated the schools in such a colorful way.

Thanks to the administrators who invited us into their buildings and the hearts of those who attended and participated.

Thanks to the parent organizations who provided warm and welcoming receptions for the veterans when they arrived.

Most of all, thanks to the ​veterans who live in our valley, ​be they Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard ​​or National Guard ​who continue to serve by taking the time to visit ​our​ schools and educate our children​, their parents and faculty​ as to the meaning of patriotism​, first-hand​. ​Those veterans are our neighbors and friends.​

You don’t have to join the military to serve our country. You can make it better by starting right here at home. ​I serve my community. I volunteer wherever and whenever I see a need. And there’s always lots of need!​ ​​That’s the best way you can thank a veteran, by being an involved citizen who understands their sacrifice.​

Thank you all!

Debbie Robbins

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