Vail Daily letter: Hoping for a change |

Vail Daily letter: Hoping for a change

Recently Michael Drake wrote a letter slamming people who are voting for Trump. Living in Vail, I think he is unaware why many people are voting that way. I am hoping Mr. Drake and others will be enlightened by my thoughts.

First, I would like to say that those who are voting Republican are not angry. I don’t know where he got that idea. Perhaps he is a bit confused. If he would just turn on MSNBC or CNN he would quickly find that it is Democrats showing up at Trump rallies screaming and throwing bottles, rocks or spitting at the supporters. I have yet to see one incidence where people were acting uncivil protesting Hillary Clinton. Another thing Mr. Drake should know is that Republicans are not against immigration, but we do think that background checks are beneficial to the country.

Honestly I would have to say that the majority of people I know who are voting for Trump do not think that Trump has all the answers. We do like that he is not a politician, though. He doesn’t owe any party anything, whether it’s the Democrats or Republicans. Matter of fact, top Republican leaders have acted like immature brats with the thought of losing their power to Trump. Mr. Trump says what he thinks. Many times the words he uses are not politically correct or sound stupid, but there is something to be said for being honest with your feelings. He doesn’t have a slick answer prepared for him by professionals. I personally would rather have someone tell me what they truly are thinking no matter how dumb it sounded, than a person spouting off some polished answer that is nothing more than a lie.

The main reason people I know are voting for Trump has to do with safety. Our cities are no longer safe because we have an administration that doesn’t value the law or police; instead they empower protesters who destroy businesses and terrorize people living in their area. Living in Vail’s paradise you don’t see this; in contrast, my family has seen this first hand. We live about 20 minutes south of St. Louis. The whole city was held captive after the Michael Brown incident, and there still are problems. You couldn’t take your kids to the ballgame, go out to eat, shop at the mall, or attend events in the city without being confronted. It didn’t matter what race you were — Hispanic, Indian, black, white; if you were not supporting their cause, you were in danger. If you witnessed a crime committed by a protester best not say anything because you were in extreme peril. Everyone in St. Louis knows, “Snitches get stitches.” Many small businesses and restaurants in the city failed because people were simply afraid to go out last year. It was all unnecessary. We are still dealing with lawlessness. Just last week a police officer five minutes from our home was shot at a traffic stop. Targeting police officers and disrespect for the law has to stop. Safety and restoring order in our cities is the No. 1 reason people are voting for Trump. You see, you can have a great job, a small home, and Obamacare but none of that matters if you feel your life is not safe.

Mr. Drake described himself as an old, white man. I do hope that he has had a wonderful, fulfilled life here in Vail. My family is multicultural. It is Hispanic and white. This mother of children is disturbed at what I see in my city, as well as when I turn on CNN. I worry about what future my kids will have as our cities spin out of control. Everyone should obey the law and respect those in authority. I truly hope Mr. Trump can improve our cities.

May I make a suggestion? Perhaps Mr. Drake could take some time and stay in a major city. Spend some time in Dallas, St. Louis, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Cleveland or Chicago. Be careful should you venture out at night. Perhaps your eyes would be opened to what is going on in cities across our country. We live this everyday, and we are hoping for a change. Why shouldn’t we get to feel as safe in our own hometown as we feel in Vail?

Debbie Smith

St. Louis

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