Vail Daily letter: Hoping for safety |

Vail Daily letter: Hoping for safety

On July 24, my car overheated, and I rode with a tow truck driver who, after approximately 20 years of police work in the Greeley-LaSalle area, had changed jobs. He told me about the hazards of marijuana from the pass to Avon. A statement he made sums things up. He said, “Alcohol makes people mean; marijuana makes them stupid!”

Even though using a lot of marijuana will not kill the user, it is extremely dangerous for marijuana users to drive. The 5 nanograms for impairment was pulled out of the air, according to an Eagle County sheriff’s deputy. An expert in Eagle County says the impairment number will be 1 or 2 nanograms.

Here is hoping public safety will become a priority for Eagle County residents!

Barbara Allen

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