Vail Daily letter: Housing market tight |

Vail Daily letter: Housing market tight

Some people may not be aware how tight housing is in the Vail Valley right now. As a third-year seasonal employee, I’ve been couch-surfing it for close to a month now, trying to find a room to call my own.

People like me are the ones who bring the money into the valley and make it run, doing the things the year-rounders don’t want to have to think about. We run the lifts, serve the food. As a shuttle driver, I literally bring hundreds of thousands of dollars into this valley, one vanload at a time. In the summer when the snow melts, I build the ropes courses and zip lines that keep those dollars flowing year-round.

I feel there is a disconnect. I know there are a lot of homeowners in this valley who are sitting on empty rooms, unaware of how many people badly need a room. There are plenty of “housing wanted” ads on Craigslist, but those people aren’t looking at those ads.

I would ask that if you have an extra room you aren’t using, please consider renting it out for a couple of months to someone like me. Just post it up on Craigslist or in the Daily, you’ll get 10 calls in an hour. You help someone out immensely and get a little extra income, and someone gets a nice place to live while they are here making the machine run. Everybody wins!

Jason Piatt

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